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Before contacting us you should :

First of all, you must keep in mind of what you really want. Several factors can change the final price of a custom order. Prices may vary depending on the amount of time for the realization. To give you a realistic estimate, I need information.

Ask yourself about the following factors:

- Thickness of leather

- The number of colors

- Engravings, embossing

-'' Customization''

- Finishing

- Waterproofing and leather processing

- Hardware used

- Fasteners (eyelets or buckles)

It is not rare that I ask customers the amount they want to invest so I can discuss options available with their budget.

If you want something quickly made​​ with ‘’exacto’’ edges, you didn’t choose the right leather crafter.

Here also, the Tandy Leather charter to help you make a choice of the right leather grade you want.

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