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Welcome LARPers !

Congratulations ! You just found a website where you can find LARP stuff for women.

Women leather armors, corsets, shoulder bags, masks, a lot of accessories and more.

The purpose of this site is to share my creations.

I decided to specialize myself in the crafting of female armors to meet the demand and because I like challenges. I often heard that armors for women were not well adapted to fit the shapes of the female body. I try the best I can to make pieces that highlight the women who wear them while protecting as well ... Ah women! We don’t only want being well protected; we want to be pretty too!

If you are dreaming of the armor worn by the heroine of the last epic movie you saw or the last video game you played, I’m pretty sure that I can reproduce it. Why not one of your own sketches? If you want a unique piece, no problem! I guarantee that will be the only copy made. I desire to offer a well-made, with attention to detail, work.

Note that if one day someone comes to me with a picture of a piece made by another craftsman and asks me to reproduce it, I won’t. I’m not a copycat! I can take a look for inspiration or understand what you want but it won’t be the same.

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